I am a certified and experienced Iyengar® yoga teacher (Intermediate Junior 3 level) and a fully-qualified massage therapist, reflexologist and Reiki master. I have been self-employed in the complementary therapies field since 2002.

I run a range of yoga classes in studios in Ealing, Barnes and Putney. One-to-one yoga, massage and reflexology appointments take place in my home studio in West London W7.

I am totally committed to improving and maintaining the health and well-being of my clients with yoga, massage therapy and reflexology.

To discuss which yoga class or treatment is suitable for you and to make an appointment, please get in touch.

About the International Certification Mark

Only those teachers who hold and display this Mark are qualified and insured to teach Iyengar yoga. It shows that the teacher has been correctly trained and assessed to teach safely and thoroughly in the Iyengar Yoga method and has achieved a high level of excellence, purity and depth of understanding in yoga teaching and practice. Iyengar yoga teachers do not mix methods or dilute the teachings of the Iyengar system.

As a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher I am a member of the Iyengar Yoga Association of the UK and besides maintaining my own personal practice, I am required to attend regular classes and workshops for continuing professional development and specialised training and also to retain the use of the International Certification Mark.

For more information go to www.iyengaryoga.org.uk.

About IYENGAR® Yoga teachers

Teachers are trained to extremely high standards and have to undergo rigorous assessments in order to qualify as teachers and also to gain further levels of certification. Prospective trainees must complete at least three consecutive years of learning from a qualified teacher before being accepted on a two year teacher training programme. After qualifying at the initial Introductory Teacher level, they may then, if they wish, progress to higher levels of certification, being assessed at each level. See here for more details on teacher training and certificate levels

Spiral logoMy logo comprises spirals and lotus petals. Spirals symbolise progressive development, growth and expansion as we make our journey towards the centre and towards the light. At the spiral’s centre is where we find spiritual balance and realize our deep connection to the eternal forces of nature and the universe. In Buddhist symbolism, the lotus represents purity of the body, speech and mind; in Hinduism it symbolises peace and eternity; the ancient Egyptians associated the lotus with rebirth and creation.

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