massage therapy

I am continuously researching and updating my skills and use a variety of techniques in my massage treatments, depending on my clients’ needs. I treat problem areas thoroughly and effectively with deep tissue massage skills, soft tissue release and neuromuscular techniques.


Relieves aches and pains from muscular tension and stiffness
Improves circulation
Increases mental and physical energy
Relieves headaches and migraines
Assists in strengthening and improving muscle tone after injury
Eliminates toxins
Aids with insomnia and other sleep disorders

traditional Thai massage

Sometimes called Thai Yoga Massage, Traditional Thai Massage (Nuad Bo Rarn) has its roots in Northern India and the Ayurvedic system of healing. It was founded by Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha, a contemporary of the Buddha, who is still respected and honoured in Thailand today as the “Father of Medicine”. Known in Thailand as “lazy man’s yoga”, Thai massage works on the life force or energy pathways that circulate around the body. I trained at the revered Old Medical Hospital in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand in 1998, with further training at the British School of Thai Massage.


Improves flexibility and postural awareness
Increases joint mobility
Relieves muscular tension and stiffness
Aids circulation and increases vitality
Soothes the nervous system
Promotes deep relaxation
Calms and clears the mind
Restores equilibrium


Reflexology works on the principle that specific points and zones on the feet and hands, known as reflex areas, correspond to all the organs, glands, systems and structures within the body.
Skilled application of pressure to these reflex points and zones can be used to detect and treat imbalances in the body in order to restore harmony and well-being.


Induces deep relaxation
Stimulates the circulation
Soothes the nervous system
Boosts energy levels
Relieves headaches, stress and tension
Alleviates digestive disorders
Assists with fertility problems
Encourages the body to heal itself


Appointments are approached in an holistic manner, meaning that your general health and lifestyle, along with your medical history, is taken into consideration when planning your treatment. Therefore, please be aware that you may need to discuss relevant aspects of your health and lifestyle during your initial consultation in order to plan your treatment accordingly. All your details are treated in strict confidentiality.

Please note that some medical conditions may require permission from your GP before treatment can take place. If you are unsure, please contact me prior to booking an appointment.

I only treat pregnant women after the first trimester of pregnancy.

It is advisable not to eat heavily, drink alcohol or take recreational drugs on the day of treatment.

24 hours is required for cancellation otherwise the full fee will be charged.

Block bookings of 10 sessions in advance have an expiry of 12 months.

I treat men by referral only.