“I have been taking yoga classes with Cath for 5 years. Cath is a wonderful teacher – enthusiastic, knowledgeable, calm and attentive. All ages will benefit from her teaching and her kindly care of the individual, whatever problems they present.”

“Cath’s yoga classes are truly an excellent investment in healthy living! She communicates such easy enthusiasm and dedication to yoga that her students really benefit and thoroughly enjoy the terrific classes. I cannot recommend them highly enough, and would describe them as calming, challenging and illuminating! Each class generates a great sense of well-being and contributes to a feeling of walking taller and brighter. Her careful coaching always accommodates any injuries or weaknesses so that everyone is comfortable and able to work within their limits. I have been attending her classes for years, and consider her an exceptionally gifted teacher; clear, direct, careful and patient. Yoga is not an easy thing to master if done correctly, but Cath helps each student to achieve the very best.”

“I have done yoga for years, with three different teachers. Since I have been attending Cath’s classes regularly, I’ve come on in leaps and bounds. I am more flexible and my core strength is better – even though I’m now 20 years older! I try to do my gardening after her class, because I know that I will not get backache when I’ve been so well prepared beforehand! I value the fact that it’s a small class – there’s plenty of one-to-one attention when needed. Also, the class feels relaxed and Cath and the group are very friendly and welcoming.”

“Cath is not only thoroughly professional but also very considerate and manages to make classes fun through her light sense of humour. I’m an old rugby player who came to yoga (and stretching) so late in life that I could not touch my toes; Cath has helped me progress at my own rate and made me comfortable in a class of more flexible students.”

“Cath is a truly gifted teacher. I was a beginner when I joined her class and she is great at ensuring everyone, whatever their level, is able to grow and learn as a yoga practitioner. She takes time to explain each pose carefully, helps correct and supports individuals when they need it and is always friendly and interested. Cath is passionate about Iyengar yoga and it really shows. I recommend her and her classes to anyone.”

“I have discovered Iyengar yoga through Cath and look forward to her class each week. Her classes are relaxed and have a warm atmosphere. Although a beginner, I feel at ease, not intimidated or inadequate and feel on the right path to learn and discover all the benefits of Iyengar Yoga. Namaste.”

“Cath’s class is a true testimony of Iyengar yoga in its accuracy, empathy with the pupils and its results. Its longevity is shown by the permanent/regular number of pupils attending the Monday classes and results in her pupils’ respect and our health improvement. Having stopped attending the Maida Vale Iyengar Centre classes due to its distance 6 years ago, I then began attending Cath’s classes and could not be more contented with them.”

“Cath supported me in her classes when I was undergoing training to be a Iyengar yoga teacher. What I like about her approach is that she is not overtly stern but gives clear guidance and allows you to feel comfortable within your own limitations.”

“I am a beginner to yoga and tried another class before I settled with this one. Cath is amazing – she is very considerate if you had an injury before and teaches you to do the poses properly. She is experienced and has a real talent with people.”

“I am very happy to find the right yoga class locally. Cath understands individuals’ problems and difficulties over the poses, and always tries to correct our posture carefully and as accurately as possible to improve further. Also, the class atmosphere is excellent and friendly. This is the one I’ve been looking for for a long time!”